About Child Care Health Solutions

Child Care Health Solutions provides comprehensive, affordable, quality child care consultation to child care centers in northern Illinois. Over the years, CCHS has grown to include a team of nurses and support staff. The group stays informed on current advances in the field of child care health by sharing at regular meetings, attendance and presentations at conferences, and individual study.

For more information about the variety of services CCHS can offer your child care facility, wherever it may be, please visit our Services page.


About CCHS dIrect consultation in Illinois...

When contracted by a center to provide routine health consultation services, a CCHS representative will first meet with you at your center to talk about your needs. After that conversation, one of the CCHS nurses will start making routine monthly (or weekly, if your program is in its first 6 months) visits to observe child care practices and to help staff improve those practices where needed.

During regular visits, your center teachers will receive informative newsletters about child care health and safety, and have a chance to bring up concerns they might have about their students or recent health trends. Whenever possible, the nurse will meet with the director or assistant after each visit to encourage great child care, go over any concerns, and make suggestions for progress. Detailed documentation about each nurse visit is provided.

In addition, Renee is available by phone Monday through Friday to help you answer questions as they come up - there's never a need to "wait" until the next visit to access a CCHS nurse.

Invoicing takes place once a month. Your organization can choose to pay by check, bank draft, or credit card - automatic payment options are also available.

If you'd like to talk with Renee about health consultation for your facility, please get in touch using the contact form below.


A little more about child care health consultation in general...

Child care health consultants can help child care professionals provide safe, healthy, and developmentally appropriate care for young children. Nurses, with their training and experience in public health and pediatric care and knowledge of local services, make excellent comprehensive health consultants (other health professionals may also serve as consultants in their respective specialties). It's considered best practice for every child care setting to have an on-going relationship with a health consultant who can advise staff on matters of health and safety, provide training where needed, and link ECE teachers and other care providers to area services that might be helpful.

Some states require on-going, routine health consultation as a pre-requisite to licensure. In Illinois, DCFS regulations say that all child care centers serving infants and toddlers must have a monthly or weekly visit by a health professional to observe and to train staff in proper child care practices. Several states have similar requirements (Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and Washington), while others have health consultation requirements that are less specific (Delaware, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, New York, and North Dakota).

During a site visit, a child care health consultant may observe classrooms to see that safe, developmentally appropriate practices are being followed regarding:

  • diapering
  • handwashing
  • sanitation
  • nutritious meals and choking prevention
  • guidance and discipline
  • safe sleep
  • indoor and outdoor physical activities
  • supervision of the youngsters

The consultant may offer his or her expertise on matters such as:

  • common childhood conditions and infection prevention
  • immunization records
  • behavior concerns
  • emergency preparation
  • health and safety policies
  • planning for care of youngsters with special health care needs
  • linking center staff with local experts who can advise on areas of concern

Some consultants may offer inservice training for center staff on subjects of interest - talk with your consultant about available trainings.